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Advanced Class

We offer an advanced class for graduating students with the goal of maintaining and improving their English skills, while having fun.
We will help students maintain the English skills they have developed in a wide range of fields and perspectives through inquiry-based learning.
For students who are unable to attend the on-campus Conversation or Saturday Classes, online English classes will be available from April 2021!
This will not only reduce the burden of commuting to school, but also polish ICT skills that are becoming increasingly essential to society.

To apply, please contact your nearest campus.

Enrollment Eligibility

  1. Graduates of our kindergarten
  2. Graduates of other international schools, returnees, etc.

※Level check test available
※If you do not have the English ability to take the class, we may not be able to enroll you.


  • Please contact the school directly to find out if the course is offered.
  • Please contact us directly to check the date and time of the course.

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Reading & Grammar Course

  • Content Focus: Grammar review, vocabulary, and ways to express themselves (Grammar: Noun types, verb tense, adverbs, adjectives and more)

  • Students will improve writing skills, extend vocabulary, and improve sentence structure.

  • Students will also develop the ability to express themselves using more complex sentences.

  • Strengthen reading and comprehension skills.

  • Participate in ICT-based activities that are only possible online.



Lesson / Hours

  • Group Lesson 50 minutes
  • Semi-Private Lesson 30 minutes (Custom Lesson)

  • Private Lesson 30 minutes (Custom Lesson)

※Custom Lesson
Lessons are tailored to each student's skills, needs and interests.
Example Lessons: Presentation practice, conversation reinforcement, inquiry learning and more!

Conversation Course

  • Learn age-appropriate vocabulary and acquire mastery through role play, presentation, and discussion.

  • Students will make use of the “action cycle” to reflect on their speeches and presentations, in order to become thoughtful and proficient speakers.

  • Develop the ability to express their ideas and feelings while accepting the opinions of others.


Each Campus

Lesson / Hours

Group Lesson 50 minutes

Saturday Advanced Course

  • Strengthen basic English skills (Such as conversation, writing, spelling and grammar).

  • Take a central role in the class’ decision making by agreeing to classroom rules and choosing how they want the day’s activities to proceed.

  • Build collaboration and communication skills through team projects by discussing, revising, and implementing plans through to completion.

  • Strengthen their communication skills by sharing opinions and feelings with classmates. 

  • Increase their ability to describe situations in detail and to talk about read content using appropriate sentence structures.

  • By introducing ICT, students will also acquire the ability to create presentation slides and search for materials.


Each Campus

Lesson / Hours

Group Lesson 4 hours

Summer School 2022

Summer school is available at KIA during the long summer vacation.
Please join us and enjoy a summer with inquiry-based learning in English!
Students from any other schools are welcome!

Summer School サマースクール


関西国際学園 サマースクール


さくらインターナショナルスクール サマースクール